PHL 200 Friday, 14 October, 2011

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PHL 200 Friday, 14 October, 2011 -Knowledge = what souls want to know. -the law of Athens aim at form of justice. . Maybe you can read a bunch of laws about Athens and become pious; then you recognize all these laws all aim at one thing: ‘the just’. You are reminded of the just. Just-ish laws remind you of the laws. . -Soc: “Why do wise people not resent dying”? Because he expects that he will see Gods. They have spent their entire life practicing for death… practicing philosophy = practicing death and dying. -the Senses deceive you; sounds a lot like Descartes? He did go to a school that studies Ancient philosophy. -people we call moderate: Do they have true virtue? Soc says only philosophers are truly courageous, because they face fear and thus know about the form of courageous. Regular people face fear. -Moderation: you balance your pleasures with maximizing your total amount of your pleasures with restriction. You must spend not too much or little of money… -Soc ancient theory: “living from the dead, and the dead come from the living…
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