PHL200 Wednesday, October, 11, 2011

PHL200 Wednesday, October, 11, 2011 - PHL200 Wednesday,...

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PHL200 Wednesday, October, 11, 2011 -The idea behind lower mystery: love of beautiful is nothing but the desire for the good. -you might be incredulous at the idea that Plato holds beauty and goodness so closely together; many would argue otherwise. - aesthetics beauty -but Plato’s point is underlying assumption that what we call eros (desire for sex) is just a simple manifestation for the good (according to Plato and Soc): is our desire for happiness; we become happy by attaining that good. -Bold assumption is that everybody is a lover; because everyone desires the good Desire for the good: -by good Plato means (minimally) is the desire for our own good and he identifies desire for good = desire for happiness, but for your own, what is good for you, whatever that may be. This is not necessarily wrong but you can’t stop @ that all desire is for your own good. -you have to confront a lot of paradoxes ie) that doing an unjust deed is never for your own good. You’re better off being the nail than the hammer if those were your choices. If that’s true, the desire for the good can’t just be the desire to get what you want or what you think you want… or what is good for you if in fact that involves doing injustice to others. -Let’s say for Socrates, we say that we agree that everyone loves the good and seeks out doing the good. But in fact what’s good for me may consist in doing injustice to other people (for my own good sake) … Socrates has to show the case that our own good could never ever be achieved by committing injustices to other people (no exception to sometimes or to a certain extent). -Thus the reason can’t be that everyone desires the good if good means just whatever you think is good for you. . it has to be objective and universal so that it doesn’t harm others around you to attain this good. -“I agree that getting my own good requires some knowledge, but getting my good
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PHL200 Wednesday, October, 11, 2011 - PHL200 Wednesday,...

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