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PHL200 Friday, September 30, 2011 -Socrates says you shouldn’t be unjust because doing unjust things make your soul more likely go into the habit of doing it again… -Crato agrees with everything Socrates says, and Socrates applies justice and injustice being good or bad for the soul… deciding whether or not to leave; -Socrate’s response to Crato is: you’re betraying your sons by not leaving -In all cases it’s wrong to do injustice; consequences don’t matter because we know it’s all unjust actions… majorities don’t know anything anway! -so then Crato responds that we should talk about what we should do. -“whether or not we should do injustice at all?” Why should we NEVER do injustice? What does it do? A: It hurts US. Socrates thinks doing wrong= doing injustice, and it hurts YOU; never do it to anyone, at any time. -Socrates likes to personify the law; dialogue… the law says to Socrates: “we educated, nurtured and protected us…” non-equitable agreement; you owe it to Athens more than to
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Unformatted text preview: your parents because the city gave you civilization, government, etc… you owe it to yourself and to the city to follow it. -slaves don’t have the obligation; slaves can escape, but citizens are different. They could have left if they didn’t like the city…-Socrates is either corrupting the youth or not…. Socrates thinks not; jury thinks so. But he says ‘if you think I broke the law, I don’t think I broke it, I’m going to show that I’ve followed the law (even though it’s crappy) I will show it by dying’.-Socrates: the mere fact that the majority is persisting it, doesn’t give it any weight… -Athens, Sparta all have certain laws but there are no certain rules about what laws they can have; if you don’t like it the citizen can leave… it’s not a question of truth and the majority can be right or wrong; but the laws cannot be right or wrong; they are just laws. Ie) if you like Spartan laws, you should go to Sparta. ....
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