PHL200 Wednesday, September 11, 2011

PHL200 Wednesday, September 11, 2011 - -if we take Socrates...

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PHL200 Wednesday, September 11, 2011 -suffering injustice is better than doing. -claim that does not appeal to religious authorities -all we have for argument is that “if you believe that solccare is paramount and it involves philosophy; and philosophy is a search for what is just and unjust, then when it comes to the crunch, (and you must decide on just or unjust deed) you’re in the position of saying that because I care for my soul, I refuse to do it absolutely -and the absolutely must be born in mind -not like honesty is the best policy -how much do I believe in God? I’m ready to murder myself -28. Apology: Socrates having heard the words of - sophists: knowledge, wisdom -arete: greek word for virtue -the value of Protagoras:
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Unformatted text preview: -if we take Socrates seriously, then next thing to ask is “how do acquire this virtue?” and if you say it’s “solcare” then-the whole reason for asking questions is to get the answer-“as long as you are intellectually acting, critical and probing, then you are virtuous and caring for your soul”-but criticial exam. Of these questions is an end in itself; goal is being virtuous. Being virtuous is not the same (nowhere in any dialogue of plato) that virtue is the quest for knowledge.-if you can give a logos of justice, then you can give that logos as a litmus test in a particular test… ie) is escaping from prison just or not?-doing justice is paramount? Doing injustice is absolutely wrong?...
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