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PHL 200 Friday, September 23, 2011 IS PIETY a necessary and sufficient condition for properties? -Euthyphro’s father’s workers dies and Euthyphro thinks it’s pious to prosecute his own father -Socrates: written law vs. pious thing to do? What is pious? -corrupting young men; being not pious… Socrates believes that if you find out what pious means then you will know what piety is, so let’s discuss piety. -Euthyphro: piety is doing what I am doing; or doing what is loved by (all) the gods. -logos: definition… Socrates: is it pious because it’s god loved or god loved because it’s pious? -pg.53: Loved because it’s pious. -it cannot be ‘pious because it’s loved by the gods’, because it’s arbitrary what is pious. If it’s things that gods love, then it becomes vague. “pious because it’s what gods lie”. -Soc: what defines pious? -pg.54 Socrates: “is pious just?” well, what’s just? We’ve been trying to define what pious means the whole time. .!! -shame can be dreadful, but dread cannot always be shameful.
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