PHL200 Monday, September, 21, 2011

PHL200 Monday, September, 21, 2011 - of culture,...

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PHL200 – ancient philosophy READ for Sept.14 Plato Euthyphro ( IRAGRP , 47-57) -read dialogue + margin notes -next Monday another lecture on the reading and discuss dialogue and related issues -60 BCE (pre-Socratic) -300 BCE -400 (most of our material is btw 300-400 bce) -200 CE -BTW HERE: Augustus, roman empire… shifts from Ethans to Rome for focus
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Unformatted text preview: of culture, civilization and political power-Lots of philosophy done in Greek and Latin a lot of translation between two languages and passed on through the West to the West then onto the Western Europe. Greek PHL includes Roman PHL.-300 CE-600 CE...
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