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Information Technology (45-20-30-20) Electronic Manufacturing Services United States Industry Type (1/19/12): Industrial Mfg. /Service Key Indices: S5EMAN Recommendation: Hold Investment Thesis: The recommendation for Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry is to hold, because it has appeared volatility at micro level while showing enormous potential at macro level. Companies in this industry provide production and design services to firms that utilize electronics components and printed- circuit-boards, of which demands have been gradually increasing. The industry is expected to grow in coming years. Following the declines during the recession in the year 2009, EMS industry sales rose by 24.8% in the following year. Acquiring additional capability, vertical integration and diversifying customer basis are the keys for EMS companies to succeed. International Competitive Structure: The industry operates in a highly competitive environment with a few dozens of leaders and a few thousands of smaller firms. The volatility and narrow margin can well prove this point. The largest two companies are Foxconn and Flextronics. The other front row players in this industry are Celestica, Sanmina-SCI, Jabil, Elcoteq and Benchmark Electronics. The last big merger in EMS industry was in 2007, when Flextronics
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