BM415-409 DropBox Instructions Fall 2010 2012-01-06

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Dropbox Instructions Dropbox Instructions BM415 Asset Management / BM409 Investment Academy Winter 2012 Purpose The purpose of this Learning Tool is show how to create a Dropbox account and download it to your computer. DropBox is a virtual hard drive that allows users to share information from different computers (click here for specific features of Dropbox). We use this program in the Asset Management and Investment Academy classes as a means of communication and file sharing. Once you have access to both shared folder on Dropbox (everyone should have access to both BM415 Asset management and BM409 Investment Academy folders), you can easily share information between team members, edit shared files, and upload documents that are readily available to the entire team and GFA, regardless of your location. How We Have Organized the Shared Folder We’ve set up a folder via Dropbox in order to compile and share all pertinent files used by the teams. We have set up seven directories or folders within each class folder: . This folder has our current agenda for this week and historical agendas as well. This is where team assignments are made and schedules are finalized. You can always see what we have planned for the week, in addition to upcoming events and speakers. BM409 students are always welcome and encouraged to come and attend BM415, particularly when speakers come. However, they are there to observe and not comment. BM415 Agendas. These are our weekly agendas of what we are planning for the week. Monthly GFA conference Call Agendas . These are our plans for our monthly conference calls with GFA. Team Members. This is the updated email and phone lists for the Teams, including industry and company assignments. BM409 Agendas . These are our weekly agendas of what we are planning for the week. Page 1 of 7
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Dropbox Instructions Class Schedule . This is the class schedule you received at the beginning of class. 2. Documentation . This folder includes all critical documentation for this business—and yes, this is a business. This includes: BM415 Asset Manual . This is the BM415 Asset Manual which discusses all the material on this Dropbox. It is critical that you read and understand this manual. Book List and Readings . This is the reading list for the 415 class. BM415 students are required to read two books each semester as part of this class. Drop Box . These are instructions for Dropbox. Investment Policy Statement . This is our investment policy statement that states how we will invest GFA assets. Investment Process
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BM415-409 DropBox Instructions Fall 2010 2012-01-06 -...

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