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361 Final Exam Study

361 Final Exam Study - You should understand all concepts...

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361 Final Exam Study/Review Guide Brother Terry Section 5 Formulas that I suggest you put on a 4” X 6” formula card that you can bring into the Testing Center: Chapter 10: Simple Moving Average formula on page 258 Exponential Smoothing formula on page 260 MAD formula on page 264 Linear Regression equation on page 267 Chapter 12: EOQ Page 322 ROP Pages 322 and 325 Chapter 13: No formulas. Other study suggestions: These are pretty straight forward chapters.
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Unformatted text preview: You should understand all concepts contained in each chapter. However, I believe that the majority of the test questions come from the following sections: Chapter 10: (17 questions)-Page 252-Pages 255-260-Pages 264-267-Review the problems Chapter 12: (18 questions)-Pages 311-315-Pages 320-327-Pages 331-333-Review the problems Chapter 13: (15 questions)-Pages 349-353-Page 356-Pages 359-362-Review the problems...
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