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361 Midterm _2 Study Guide - but I suggest that you...

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Bus M 361 Midterm #2 Study/Review Guide FORMULAS that I suggest you put on a 4” X 6 “ formula card that you can bring into the Testing Center: Chapter 3: Learning Curve Logarithmic Analysis formulas on page 60 Also know how to use learning curve tables to solve these types of problems (See page 60) Know how to calculate Break-Even points (See Chapter 3 Slides) Chapter 6: Chapter 7: Formulas on page 193 OTHER STUDY SUGGESTIONS: I expect you to understand everything in these 4 chapters,
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Unformatted text preview: but I suggest that you particularly focus on the concepts and tools on the pages listed below. I will go into more detail during our Monday 3/14 review session. Chapter 3: (13 Questions)-Pages 53-54-Pages 56-60-Pages 65-68 Chapter 6: (15 Questions)-Pages 138-140-Page 143-Pages 146-151-Pages 159-165 Chapter 7: (12 Questions)-Review Chapter 7 Slides-Pages 183-185-Pages 187-190-Page 193 Chapter 8: (9 Questions)-Review Warehousing, WMS, and VMI Slides-Pages 205-209...
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