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TIS_Improvement Steps Chart_SPL

TIS_Improvement Steps Chart_SPL - Throughput Time Solution...

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S USTAIN for Customer Satisfaction & Company Improvement P ROVE Implement & Continue to Prove Our Ideas for Improvement Tools & Techniques Visual Controls Coaching Teaching Training CAPA TWI 5S E XPERIMENT Try, Measure & Test Our Ideas for Improvement Tools & Techniques Strategy Deployment Critical to Quality First In First Out One Piece Flow Standard Work Cost Savings Hoshin Kanri QED Charts Pull System Kaizen Data T HINK Analyze & Develop Our Ideas for Improvement Tools & Techniques Process Change Form Design of Experiment Control Chart Sashetada Kanban 6 sigma 5 Whys SMED Data S EE Observe & Measure Our Opportuniti es for Improveme nt Tools & Techniques S.W.O.T. Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) Value Stream Map-Future Root Cause Analysis
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Unformatted text preview: Throughput Time Solution Diagram Benchmarking Mind Mapping Brainstorming Poka Yoke Flowchart Heijunka 3P RESULT We Achieve a State of Continuous Improvement Tools & Techniques Standard Work Documents Value Stream Map-Current Cause & Effect Diagram Visual Signals (Andon) Critical to Quality Process Audit Product Audit Training Audit Pareto Chart Cycle Time Histogram Takt Time 8 Wastes Defects RESULT As We Prove Our Ideas, We Continue to Learn RESULT We Validate Our Ideas Before We Implement Gemba Data RESULT We Develop Creative New Ideas for Improvemen t RESULT We Define Many Opportuniti es for Improvemen t Revision 11-10-08 For Reference Only...
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