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Assignment - Winder Case 1 - to plot your valuations This...

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BM 475 Winder Case Assignment 1 Valuation Analysis Given the Winder Dairy ppt, executive summary and financials provided, come up with a  valuation of what you would be willing to pay for Winder. Justify your value using multiple  valuation methods. We have talked about public comps, EBITDA multiples, Revenue  multiples, Discounted Cash Flow, Liquidation Analysis, etc. You should give a detailed  explanation of why you use the public comps, discount rates, and other assumptions that  you do. Feel free to be creative with your valuation methods. We want to see a thorough analysis that takes the past and future into account. It might help 
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Unformatted text preview: to plot your valuations. This will help you to understand and explain the trends and what looks like an appropriate range. It will also help you to understand if there are outlier valuations. Remember, there are hundreds of aspects that can go into your valuation decision. Explain some of them to us. We are providing you with the Executive Summary that we put together when we were raising money and talking to banks about the purchase of Winder. You are free to build your own future projections. Your case assignment should include a write-up of your quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the company....
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