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Final film study guide - Film 46 Final Study Guide: Clips...

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Unformatted text preview: Film 46 Final Study Guide: Clips and Films Editing provides the syntax of cinema, The Godfather- low key lighting, reduced color palette in the interior office. Before the picture appears there is sound over a black screen I believe in America. Medium close- up shot, camera slowly tracks back, suspense because it takes a while to see his face. DEEP SPACE, shallow focus. Opening scene intercuts between two locations: the juxtapositions provide a contrast. Interior: browns/blacks and medium shots, mise-en- scene is spare, Exterior: Bright, colorful, dynamic with figure movement and long shots. Cat propcharacter information, development. Sound: offscreen sound of children playing underscore attention to family. A touch of evil- long duration take, bomb in the car, the entire time we are anticipating an explosion. 7 minutes, high contrast, deep shadows, beigns with bomb., and ends with bomb. Vertigo- special camera movement: Perspective, camera trackout and zoom at the same time conveys a disillusioned POV. Pan shot, tilt down shot, scene transitions from her madness to his. Atmospheric haze in the Boys POV. The Well- examples of color alteration on film. Filmed in austrailia, the film was given a yellow, blue-green tinge during both day and night scene. This effect makes the ffaces ghoulish and empty underscoring the blandness of their life. The color palette reveal duplicity, they are not honest with eachother. Edward Scissorhands- antinaturalist acting. On the waterfront- brandos little gestures, tilt of heads, playing with gloves underscores his nervous behavior. He is always chewing gum, doesnt articulate his words. Film deploys Method performace. Sound: as marlo confesses to edit, his voice is drowned out by a steam engline. This sound underscores her tortured response. Trainspotting- Spud during his interview, the fixed shots at varying distances underscore spuds state of mind on drugs and enhances his stylized acting. Camera distance adds comedia effect. Rhymetic result of editing is spuds obnoxious behavior during his interview. Poor Scottish accent places them out of a position of prestige. La Cuidad- non- professional actors, best represents the characters that they are playing, authenticity, underscores development of intimacy, Maltese Falcon- follows continuity editing....
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course FILMST 46 taught by Professor Felando during the Fall '07 term at UCSB.

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Final film study guide - Film 46 Final Study Guide: Clips...

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