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Lesson 1: Introduction to Rhythm A. Rhythm Everything having to do with duration & time in music “Sound in time” Regular division of time that humans instinctively perceive In other words humans instinctively respond to the beat by using their body Beat divisions each clap divides the slower claps into two parts C. Tempo Something we instinctively feel How fast or slow is the beat?
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Unformatted text preview: Italian word for TIME Tempo is a source of dispute because it is a big part of musics expressive power on the listener 7 Different types of tempi 1. Presto = Very fast (170 beats per minute) 2. Allegro = Fast (136 beats per minute) 3. Moderato = moderately fast (86 beats per minute) 4. Andante = Medium speed (50 beats per minute) 5. Adagio = Slow 6. Lento = Slower 7. Largo = Very slow...
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