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Lesson 2: Meter A. Meter Unit of time comprising a regular grouping of beats Beat grouping the number of beats in a single measure something we can hear and feel (twos, threes, & fours ) To determine the meter: 1. Feel the beat 2. Feel which beats are emphasized/accented and which are not. This shows you the downbeat & the upbeat 3. Count the number of beats between the downbeats (accented beats) B. Accents Downbeat Heavier and noticeable (ACCENTED)
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Unformatted text preview: first beat of each group strong beats • Upbeat beat directly before the downbeat (NOT ACCENTED) last beat of each group weak beats C. Measure or bar • One beat grouping D. Duple meter (cut time) • 2 beats 1 strong beat + 1 weak beat E. Triple meter • 3 beats 1 strong beat + 2 weak beats F. Quadruple meter • 4 beats 2 strong beat + 1 weak beat + 1 semi-strong beat + 1 weak beat G. Anacrusis • Partial measure...
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