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Lesson 2: Meter A. Meter Unit of time comprising a regular grouping of beats Beat grouping the number of beats in a single measure something we can hear and feel (twos, threes, & fours ) To determine the meter: 1. Feel the beat 2. Feel which beats are emphasized/accented and which are not. This shows you the downbeat & the upbeat 3. Count the number of beats between the downbeats (accented beats) B. Accents Downbeat Heavier and noticeable (ACCENTED)
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Unformatted text preview: first beat of each group strong beats Upbeat beat directly before the downbeat (NOT ACCENTED) last beat of each group weak beats C. Measure or bar One beat grouping D. Duple meter (cut time) 2 beats 1 strong beat + 1 weak beat E. Triple meter 3 beats 1 strong beat + 2 weak beats F. Quadruple meter 4 beats 2 strong beat + 1 weak beat + 1 semi-strong beat + 1 weak beat G. Anacrusis Partial measure...
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