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15Privacy&Securitystudyguide - vi Know how to...

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Day 15—Data Security and Privacy I. Learning from the text a. Before class assignment i. Textbook chapter B6 (pp. 370 - 382) ii. Packet—Data Security through Backups b. Learning Objectives (reading quiz prep) i. Cover the basics of data security ii. Understand the difference between the first and second lines of defense iii. Provide an example of each of the three primary security areas: (1) authentication and authorization, (2) prevention and resistance, and (3) detection and response iv. Describe the differences between types of malicious code v. Understand the principles of data backup
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Unformatted text preview: vi. Know how to install BYU’s free anti-virus software vii. Understand basics of data privacy , including email privacy II. Key Terms a. Authentication b. Authorization c. Backup scope, frequency, and media d. Biometrics e. Content filtering f. Denial-of-service attack g. Encryption h. Firewall i. Hacker j. Hoaxes k. Information security l. Insider m. Intrusion detection software n. Malicious code o. Packet tampering p. Phishing q. Smart card r. Sniffer s. Social engineering t. Spoofing u. Spyware v. Token w. Trojan-horse virus x. Virus y. worm...
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15Privacy&Securitystudyguide - vi Know how to...

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