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Copyright Douglas L. Dean, 2011 Utah Valley Tours (UVT) Programming Project R: 5/24/11 dd Assume you have just been hired by Utah Valley Tours (UVT), a small company located in Orem, Utah. UVT provides tour busses and guides for groups desiring to travel through some of Utah’s natural parks, historic sites, or LDS Church sites. UVT holds tours for groups ranging from 15 to 110 people. So for the purpose of this assignment, you can assume that the users of the program will know to enter only values between 15 and 110 people (inclusive). Two types of busses are available for use: small busses (35 maximum tourists per bus) and large busses (55 maximum tourists per bus). UVT has two small busses and two large busses. Tour groups can use only one or two busses at a time. This means there are five ways (options) for how the tour busses are used. The number of buses for each option is shown in Table 1. # of Busses Option Min and Max Tourists Small Big Base Price Per Bus Base * Qty 1 minimum tourists 15 1 0 350 350 maximum tourists 35 2 minimum tourists 36 0 1 450 450 maximum tourists 55 3 minimum tourists 56 2 0 350 700 maximum tourists 70 4 minimum tourists 71 1 1 350 800 maximum tourists 90 450 5 minimum tourists 91 0 2 450 900 maximum tourists 110 Table 1. Bus Combinations and Associated Pricing Note: Table 1 assumes that each small bus has a base price of $350 and each large bus has a base price of $450. As noted below, your program will need to allow for changes to the base prices. To help you better understand the information summarized in Table 1, UVT provided you with a description of their pricing structure. For each bus, there is a base usage price that includes a driver and tour guide for tours up to and including five hours in duration. In
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3.7UtahValleyToursProject - Utah Valley Tours(UVT...

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