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2.24 Perfect PC Assignment

2.24 Perfect PC Assignment - http/www.lenovo.com/us/en If...

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Perfect PC Assignment rev: 9/15/09 1. Analyze both your personal computing needs and wants for the next three years. Consider portability versus power and what you will be using the PC for. Using the spreadsheet linked below, make a short list of what is important for you. 2. Compare and contrast at least two best computers from two different sources that cost between $400 and $600. The PCs are to be desktop computers (including monitor and keyboard) used for home or home office. Some web sites of possible sources are shown below. You may use them or search other vendors on the web. If you would prefer to research laptop computers, the price range is between $500 and $700. Vendor Web Site Dell http://www.dell.com/ Gateway http://www.gateway.com/ EBC Computers http://www.ebccomputers.com/ Lenovo Computers (IBM Thinkpads)
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Unformatted text preview: http://www.lenovo.com/us/en/ If you would like to, you may also visit your local computer store (Best Buy , Costco, BYU Bookstore, etc.) as part of your research. Use the PC Comparison Template to record the characteristic of the two best machines that you find that are within your budget. For the two selected PCs, choose which PC is the best PC and justify your selection based on your detailed comparison. Your grade will be based, in part, on the thoroughness of your analysis and your "Overall Summary Justification for your Decision" (bottom row of the Excel table). 3. What additional upgrades or peripheral devices (like printers) would you like to have and what are the approximate prices? Deliverable: After completing your analysis, print your Excel Spreadsheet and bring it to class....
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