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Sound Study Guide 1. How does the movie American Graffiti use sound to cue you to form expectations? a. Music goes along with the mood of the scene. 2. Think of a movie you’ve seen recently that employs a dense sound mix; and a sparse sound mix. a. Sparse--- The graduate b. Dense- American Graffiti 3. When did American Graffiti use overlapping dialogue? 4. Give 2 examples of a transition between diegetic and non-diegetic sound from any of the films seen in class. a. Graduate- simin and garfunkel--- to dialogue 5. What is a sound bridge? How does it smooth over transitions? How can it be used to call attention to the process of narration (turning a sotry into a plot)? a. Mongolia- bridge takes us to Claudia’s room, looks like diegetic music, until cuts to other characters signing, song trandforms to non-diegetic. It is important because it creates parallels in the characters.
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Unformatted text preview: b. Auditorial continuity that distracts from shot changes. 6. Describe a sound from any film you have seen. 7. Describe one instance of Off-screen sound. Describe its function. Terms: Sound bridge- 1. At the beginning of one scene, the sound from the previous scene carries over briefly before the sound from the new scene begins. 2. At the end of one scene, the sound from the next scene is heard, leading into that scene. Diegetic sound (on-screen or off-screen; internal vs. external) internal comes from within characters mind. Off-screen sound- can create the illusion of bigger spaces. Can created restriction narration. Non-diegetic sound dense sound mix Sparse sound mix- isolates specific sounds for our attention. voice over layered sound Overlapping dialogue....
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