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Audience Analysis: Some Things to Consider as You Prepare to Write Chem 391 Adapted from Technical Writing Workbook, Taylor, S. T., Ed.; Kendall/Hunt: Dubuque, IA, 1985; p 21; and Harris, J. S. Getting Ready to Write Student Papers , BYU Department of English. Primary Reader ( real or hypothetical person who is going to use the information ) Technical level (previous knowledge of subject) Position (job title / organizational relationship to writer Attitude toward subject: (critical, hostile, apathetic, etc.) Other factors: (age, previous experience, political leanings, etc.) Secondary Reader(s) ( often the professor or other persons who may read the report ) Consider the same points as for primary reader Consider the needs of your supervisor, mentor, or others who read the report Reader’s Purpose What should the reader know after reading? What should the reader be able to do after reading?
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Unformatted text preview: (What decisions should the reader be able to make?) What attitude should the reader have after reading? (Do you want the reader to favor the subject of the report, oppose it, or what?) How will the reader access the material? (Will the reader read beginning-to-end or look things up in it?) Writers Purpose Intellectual purpose (What do you want to learn by writing the report?) Career or monetary purpose (How will the report affect your grade, salary, or reputation?) Scope and Plan Source materials (Where does the data come from?) Physical size limits (if any) (How long a report is expected?) Form or medium prescribed or desirable (What kind of format?) Available aids (graphics, etc.) (Would graphs make the message clearer?) Outline (Be complete here.) Distribution and Disposition ( How many copies, where do they go, and what happens to them? )...
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