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How to Create a Banner Title in PowerPoint 1. Write your title on a slide. 2. Click and drag to expand the text box containing the title outside the borders of the slide; resize the text to the font size you want. 3. Select the entire slide by clicking on it in the outline view, and copy it. 4. Paste the copy onto a new slide. 5. Move the box horizontally in the new slide until you can see that the text from the new just overlaps the text on the original slide. (You can see the overlap on the outline view.) 6. Paste the original slide into another new slide; move the box in the opposite
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Unformatted text preview: horizontal direction, again until the text overlaps. 7. You are now done. When you print out the three slides, you will be able to overlap the three sheets to form the banner title. On Why Chem 391 is the Best Class Ever Humbu G. Professor Brigham Young University Chem 391 is the Best C Humbu G. Professor Brigham Young University On Why Ch Class Ever Chem 391 is the Best C Humbu G. Professor Brigham Young University On Why Ch...
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