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Chem 391 Developing Creativity 1. Omit blocks to creativity (von Oech, Roger “Unlock Your Own Creativity”, Readers = Digest 1986 , 5 (May) , 159-162). a. “Find the right answer” b. “That’s not logical” c. “Follow the rules” (“Stay within the lines”) d. “Be practical” e. “Don’t be foolish” f. “Don’t make mistakes” g. “That’s not my area” h. “I’m not creative” 2. Prepare yourself. a. Remember that “chance favors the prepared mind,” or, in other words, “God helps those who help themselves.” b. Stay current in your field. 3. You don’t always have to hit a home run. a. Creative ideas won = t always lead to paradigm shifts. b. The Japanese model is valuable. Don’t be afraid to look at what others are doing and make improvements. 4. Cross fertilize. a. Read the scientific literature, as widely as you can. You will probably need to make it a point to reserve time to do this.
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