Effective-Collaboration - Notes on Effective Collaboration...

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Notes on Effective Collaboration, Teamwork, and Group Projects collected by Randall B. Shirts Working and writing in groups is increasingly common. Teamwork is, thus, an essential skill in academic, government, and industrial jobs—and in church assignments, too. Properly functioning teams can solve more difficult problems and achieve more advanced work that any of the individual members of the team. Chem 391 group projects are designed to teach you effective group and teamwork skills. Advantages of group work Division of labor . Dividing up the tasks allows a group to accomplish more and get it done faster than one person working alone. Expertise, diversity, and synergy . Each group member brings a different set of skills and experience, giving the group a wider base to draw on. Moreover, as they interact, group members can feed off each other to generate new, creative ideas. Check on conditioned reasoning . Working alone, it is easy to get in a rut, depend on past reasoning, and stick with comfortable, familiar approaches. Team members can stretch each other’s thinking and check each other to prevent mistakes. Group learning. Team members teach each other, share insights, and hone needed skills. What is learned by team members is often as important as the team product. Disadvantages of group work Group think . Poor group dynamics may impose uniformity and stifle creativity. Members may go along with an unsatisfactory solution just to avoid conflict. Honest discussion helps. Withholding effort
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Effective-Collaboration - Notes on Effective Collaboration...

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