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Chem 391–F 2011 Getting Good Grades on Writing Assignments Dos Do’s 1) Write with your readers in mind. Identify your audience. Write at their level of understanding and interest. Each assignment specifies a target audience. 2) Use good writing principles in all your assignments. From the beginning you will be expected to apply the principles covered in Freshman Writing, and then to use additional principles as we cover them in this class. 3) Follow the instructions for the assignment and adhere to the “Guidelines for Submitting Papers”. Successful technical writing often requires one to pay attention to details. 4) Be professional. Turn in neat, attractive, appropriately formatted papers, and keep in mind the appropriate tone and style for the kind of writing you are doing. Unless otherwise stated, write in the tone and style of scientific research books and journals. 5) When you start working on a new paper, focus on getting your ideas down without worrying about details of grammar or even
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