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Chem 391–W 2011 Guidelines for Submitting Papers 1. Create your manuscript using a word processor (except for the literature journal assignments, for which handwritten notes are acceptable). 2. Attach a Submission Form to your assignment. 3. Use a 12-point (10 cpi) serif font (for example, Times Roman, Century Schoolbook, Palatino) for the main text of the paper. You may use a sans serif font (for example, Arial, Helvetica, Univers) for titles and headings. 4. Set 1" margins on each side of each page (this is not the default for Word). 5. For most papers, double space the lines of text, including the references, legends, and any other written material. However, single space the literature notebook assignments, résumé, and letter of application or personal statement. 6. Don’t right justify the text (that is, don’t align along the right margin). Keep it ragged right, unless the text is in narrow columns. 7.
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