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Instructions for Creating a Large Formal Poster Using PowerPoint 1. Open a new Presentation and go to the Design tab. On the Design tab go to Page Setup. In Page Setup change the size of the slide. A size of 44 in. 34 in. is the maximum size for a poster that is in landscape format with 4 4 pages. Other sizes are possible. 2. Create the poster. Use the Grid Lines and Rulers to place information easily on the poster. 3. After the poster is completed, save it in *.PNG format. This will allow the poster to be
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Unformatted text preview: opened in Microsoft Paint. 4. Open the *.PNG poster in paint. Go to Page Setup. In Page Setup, the printing size can be changed. For a full sized poster change the Fit To size to 4 4 pages (or whatever you planned), or for half size 2 2. 4. Print the poster from Paint. It will come out on separate pages. Trim off the margins and tape the pages together for presentation of the poster....
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