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Chem 391 – W 2010 How several chemistry professors “try” to keep up with the scientific literature Barry Willardson, biochemistry 1. Manual key-word search in PubMed (, approximately every two weeks. 2. Attends a journal club every two weeks, where students give a presentation on a paper. Paul Savage, organic chemistry 1. Automatic key-word search, Web of Science (through BYU library web site) sends a weekly email based on papers that have specific key words. 2. Browse certain journals, e.g. Science , Nature , and certain chemistry journals Adam Woolley, analytical chemistry 1. “Table of content” alerts are emailed to him from specific journals. 2. Browses Science and Nature every two to three weeks. 3. When writing, searches data bases in the Thomson Scientific Institute for Scientific Information (i.e. Web of Science, see BYU library web site) Roger Harrison, inorganic chemistry 1. He and students are each assigned a journal to scan for relevant papers.
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