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PowerPoint Tips Chem 319 page 1 of 1 PowerPoint Tips Using Text Effectively Think of your overheads or slides as a visual map to your oral presentation. Show your organization by using overviews, by making headings larger than subheadings, by numbering steps to show sequence, and by bulleting lists. Use incomplete sentences. Omit unnecessary articles, pronouns, and adjectives. Follow the “6 × 6 Rule of Thumb”: Use 6 items per screen, 6 words per item. Keep phrases parallel whenever possible. Make sure your text is appropriate for your purpose and the audience for your presentation. Applying Typography Correctly The size of the text should reflect the importance level of the text, that is, a title should be larger than a heading and a heading should be larger than main text. Vary type styles to provide emphasize, but remember that having too much emphasis is the same as having none. Use font sizes
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