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Preparing Poster Presentations Key Issues in Preparing Posters Visibility! Typical board size is 4 ft × 6 ft, Typical viewer will be 3 ft away. Attracting an audience—Prepare for large crowds. Design your poster to stand out without appearing gaudy. Be prepared to talk to people viewing your poster. Poster Content Structure like a paper: Overview (especially important); Introduction; Methods; Results and Discussion (use graphs and pictures); Conclusions (2nd most important) Setting Up Find your poster number on the final program; mount the poster in the right place Set up as early as possible Bring your own pins Consider using smaller A frame @ pieces instead of a full-sized board Text on Posters Make it legible: Titles: ~ 72 pt, Text: ~ 24 pt Avoid too much text: Too much text is boring; won = t attract viewers Use pictures (figures) to tell your story Keep it simple: Avoid trying to tell the audience too much; focus on just a few important
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Unformatted text preview: points Document Design for Posters More important for posters than for manuscripts (good design will attract viewers) Font recommendations for manuscripts apply here as well, except fonts should be bigger (the bigger the better) Sans serif for headings, titles Serif for text and captions Be conservative; Dont get fancy Poster Layout Flow logically from top left to lower right of board Use numbers or colored tape to lead the viewer through the poster Maximizing Impact Set up early to catch random browsers Provide handouts (e.g., preprints or extended abstracts) Prepare sign-up sheets or envelopes in which business cards can be left Be sure to follow up promptly after the meeting Some Examples Use good PowerPoint presentations as examples Look around the BNSN hallways...
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