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Preparing Transparencies Use the following guidelines to prepare overhead transparencies: Use 8.5 in × 11 in or similar sheet of transparent films—they are easy to make and inexpensive. Prepare typed or drawn artwork and print it directly to transparency masters or print to regular paper and transfer it to transparencies by means of a photo copying machine. Prepare transparencies in the portrait (not landscape) orientation. Use font sizes 24 points for titles and headings, 18 points for main text. The recommended font size for main text is 28 points, for headings is 40 points. Do not copy a typewritten sheet, a computer print out, or a very fine-line drawing without enlargement. In principle, you can use various colors, but in practice, the most readable text is black or blue on a colorless background. Red, brown and orange are difficult to distinguish; yellow is almost unreadable. Use colored tapes to highlight words or formulas.
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