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Reviewing Manuscripts - Reviewing Manuscripts When...

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Reviewing Manuscripts Chem 391 Page 1 of 3 Reviewing Manuscripts When manuscripts are submitted for publication, most journal editors send out the manuscripts for evaluation by two or three experts in the field. This process is called peer review. Reviewers are asked to evaluate whether the work is sufficiently new and original to be a contribution to the field, whether the study is well designed and the results are correctly analyzed, and whether the publication is suitable for the focus of the particular journal and meets its standards. Peer review is the chief means of quality control in scientific research. Journals that are not peer-reviewed are not generally well respected. Peer review also provides a benefit to authors by giving them helpful feedback on both their scientific work and their presentation of it. Getting back reviews is not always pleasant, but it can help a scientist improve. Obligations of Manuscript Reviewers Usually no compensation is given for reviewing a manuscript; rather, being a reviewer is considered a professional duty. If you are a publishing scientist, you have the obligation to review your fair share of manuscripts (that is, about twice the number you submit for publication). As a reviewer you have other professional and ethical obligations: 1. If you feel unqualified to review a paper or cannot review it promptly, return it to the editor. Do not delay because this hurts the authors and slows the advance of science. 2.
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Reviewing Manuscripts - Reviewing Manuscripts When...

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