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Revising Prose Chem 391 The Lanham Paramedic Method T he Official Style 1. Passive voice The NMR spectrum was determined by Jones and coworkers. (passive) Jones and coworkers ref determined the NMR spectrum. (active) 2. Remove subject The NMR spectrum was determined. (passive, no subject) 3. Noun style (verb noun form + prepositional phrases + weak verb) A determination of the NMR spectrum was carried out . (noun style) 4. Problem: euphemistic, hides who does what. T he Lanham Paramedic Method (PM) 5. Circle the prepositions. 6. Circle the “is” (“to be”) forms (is, are, were, was, will be). 7. Find the action. Ask “Who is kicking whom?”
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Put the “kicking” action in a simple (not compound) active verb. 9. Start fast—no mindless introductions. 10. Write out each sentence on a blank sheet of paper and mark off its basic rhythmic units with a “/”. 11. Mark off sentence lengths in the passage with a “/”. 12. Read aloud with feeling. Lard Factor (LF) Divide the difference between the number of words in the original and the revision by the number of words in the original. LF = (N O – N R )/N O Shoot for an LF of 0.50 (50%) in revising from original to final draft....
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