Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Chapter 6 o Business and organizational...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 6 o Business and organizational customers : any buyers who buy for resale or to produce other goods and services Producers of goods and services Intermediaries Government units Nonprofit organizations Collectively called the B2B market , or the business to business market Make purchases to satisfy needs Typically focus on economic factors when they make purchase decisions Less emotional in their buying than final customers o Understanding how the buying behaviors of a particular organization differs from others is very important Sellers often need unique strategies to compete for large volume purchases o Basic approach to deal with business customers internationally is much less varied than that required to reach individual customers Businesses tend to buy in similar ways and can usually be reached with similar marketing mixes o Purchasing specifications : a written description of what the firm wants to buy For services can be very complicated because services are less standardized and not performed until after purchase o ISO 9000 : way for supplier to document its quality procedures according to internationally recognized standards Assures a customer that the supplier has effective quality checks in place o Many different people may influence a decision Purchasing managers : buying spets for their employers In large companies, usually specialize by product area and are real experts Look to procurement departments to cut costs and provide competitive advantage Multiple buying influence: several people, perhaps even top management play a part in making a purchase decision Users: production line workers Influencers : R&D who help write specs or supply info for evaluating alternatives Buyers: work with suppliers and arrange terms of sale Deciders : have power to select or approve supplier Gatekeepers : control flow of info within organization All of these are part of a buying center: all the people who participate in or influence a decision Vendor analysis : a formal rating of suppliers on all relevant areas of performance Goal is to lower the total costs associated with purchases not just get a low price on a given part or service Tries to focus on economic factors...
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Chapter 6 - Chapter 6 o Business and organizational...

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