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Chapter 18 - weaknesses and threats to success •...

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Chapter 18: Ethical Marketing in a Consumer Oriented World: Appraisal and Challenges (pages 471-475) o Marketing strategy planning process requires logic and creativity The effectiveness and value of marketing efforts in individual firms is improved significantly when managers take the marketing concept seriously and when they apply the marketing strategy planning process Marketing strategy planning process brings focus to efforts Requires creative blending of ideas Usually more strategy possibilities than a firm can peruse Careful analysis helps manager focus on a strategy that takes advantage of firms strengths and opportunities while avoiding
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Unformatted text preview: weaknesses and threats to success • Marketing manager must blend the 4 P's Each marketing mix decision must work well with all the others o The marketing plan brings all the details together • Includes time related details Includes costs and revenues • Plan needs to be able to be compared with actual performance in future And provide a basis for the control process after the plan is implemented • A complete plan spells out the reasons for the decisions Important info relevant to the "why" of the marketing mix and target market decisions...
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