Chapter 14-Personal Selling and Customer Service

Chapter 14-Personal Selling and Customer Service - Chapter...

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Chapter 14-Personal Selling and Customer Service Monday, April 25, 2011 10:23 PM 1. The Importance and Role of Personal Selling 1.a. Personal selling requires strategy decisions 1.a.i. In dealing with any customer, the salesperson must adjust for cultural influences and other factors that might affect communication 1.a. Personal selling is important 1.a.i. Often a company's largest single operating expense 1.a. Helping to buy is good selling 1.a.i. Good salespeople don't just try to sell the customer, they try to help the customer buy (by understanding the customer's needs and presenting the advantages and disadvantages of their products) 1.a. Salespeople represent the whole company-and customers too 1.a.i. May provide information about products, explain company policies, and even negotiate prices or diagnose technical problems 1.a. Sales forces aids in marketing information function as well 1.a.i. Sales rep may be the first to hear about a new competitor or a competitor's strategy 1.a.ii. Sales reps who are well attuned to customers' needs can be a key source of ideas for new products or new uses for existing products 1.a. Salespeople can be strategy planners too 1.a.i. Salesperson may have choices about: 1.a.i.1. What target customers to aim at 1.a.i.1. Which particular products to emphasize 1.a.i.1. Which intermediaries to rely on or help 1.a.i.1. How to use promotion money 1.a.i.1. How to adjust prices 1. What Kinds of Personal Selling are Needed? 1.a. Personal selling is divided into three tasks 1.a.i. Basic sales tasks: order-getting, order-taking, and supporting 1. Order Getters Develop New Business Relationships 1.a. Order getters: concerned with establishing relationships with new customers and developing new business 1.a. Order-getting: means seeking possible buyers with a well-organized sales presentation designed to sell a good, service, or idea 1.a. Producers' order getters-find new opportunities 1.a.i. Producers of all kinds of products have a great need for order getters- >use order getters to locate new prospects, open new accounts, see new opportunities, and help establish and build channel relationships 1.a.i. Order getters help the customer identify ways to solve problems; then they sell concepts and ideas, not just physical products 1.a. Wholesalers' order getters-almost hand it to the customer 1.a.i. Once the order getting is done and the customers become established and loyal, producers may try to eliminate the agents and save money with their own order takers
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1.a. Retail order getters influence consumer behavior 1.a.i. Order getters for unsought consumer products must help customers see how a new product can satisfy needs now being filled by something else 1.a.i. Order getter helps bring products out of the introduction stage into the market growth stage 1.a.i. Also helpful for selling heterogeneous shopping products because consumers shop for many of these items on the basis of suitability and value 1. Order Takers Nurture Relationships to Keep the Business Coming
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Chapter 14-Personal Selling and Customer Service - Chapter...

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