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Descartes Tuesday, September 20, 2011 12:52 PM Four Precepts: 1. Never accept anything to be sure that you don't plainly know to be such - believe only what presents itself to your mind so clearly and distinctly that you have no occasion to call it in doubt 1. Divide each of the difficulties you examine into as many parts as possible and thus can be more easily solved 1. Conduct your reasoning beginning with the most easily known and simplest thoughts and ascend slowly to knowledge of a composite of things 1. Make notes and thoughts so comprehensive that you can be sure you have not forgotten anything Method of Doubt Reject everything that is the least bit doubted and see what remains Things Descartes regards as false All opinions based on the senses (because senses sometimes deceive us) The existence of physical objects
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Unformatted text preview: Everything that you've thought of as real All conclusions from earlier reasoning Doubts stemming from the existence of an "evil genius" that would deceive even the most basic notions (math: 2+2=4, etc) One thing Descartes did know: He exists ("I think therefore I am") Prior Certaintly of Consciousness: The thesis that knowledge of one's own consciousness and its contents is prior to and more certain than knowledge of the external world Default fallibility and the need for method Method: Showing how all things to be true can be broken down into simpler parts back to a fundamental knowledge (the fact that we exist) (foundationalism) Means to identify the foundation is the method for doubt (default fallibility) Prior certainty of consciousness...
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