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9-27-11 - Mathematical knowledge 2 2=4 Knowledge of...

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Rationalism Tuesday, September 27, 2011 12:39 PM Sense-perception vs. Reason Sense perception: seeing, touching, etc Shared with animals Particular things at particular times Reason: thinking Distinctive to human beings Conceptual and Universal: applying to all things of a kind, wherever and whenever they may occur Rationalism: the thesis that there are things that can be known by reason independently of sense- perception *a priori: independent of and prior to sense-perception *a posteriori: posterior to and dependent on sense-perception *innate ideas: concepts (and/or propositional knowledge) that is born into us and, therefore, a priori. Types of knowledge that are often thought to be a priori:
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Unformatted text preview: Mathematical knowledge 2+2=4 Knowledge of fundamental principles of logic A true statement cannot be false Certain metaphysical concepts and principles All actions have causes Anything that had a beginning in time has an efficient cause It is better to exist in reality than to only exist in the mind Substance Something that exists in its own right, with the existence of other things depending on it. Key Rationalist Idea: The world we perceive would be unintelligible to us if we did not interpret out sense perceptions in light of certain ideas that we could not have derived from sense-perception itself....
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