2-23 - (2/23) INVESTMENT BANKING READING Principal...

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(2/23) INVESTMENT BANKING READING Principal Businesses of Investment Banks: - Investment Banking Business: o Arranges financings for corporation and governments (capital raising) Debt, equity, convertibles o Advises on M&A transactions - Trading Business o Client Trading (selling and trading of securities and other financial assets as an intermediary; operates in 2 units: Equity and Fixed Income, Currency & Commodities, research provided to investing clients) o Proprietary Trading and Principal Investing: focused on investments in equity (public and private), bonds, convertibles and derivatives in a manner similar to the investment activities of hedge funds and private equity funds - Asset Management Business o Equity, fized income, alt investments, money market investments o Co-invests with clients in hedge fund, private equity, and real estate funds (2/23): KEL LANDIS LECTURE - Works for Plexus Capital, Principal o Plexus is a mezzanine-focused private capital fund focused exclusively on the
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2-23 - (2/23) INVESTMENT BANKING READING Principal...

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