8-26-10 - Features Structures and other constructs...

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Day 2 - Lecture Thursday, August 26, 2010 3:45 PM Organization of society based on how the culture organizes labor As societies grow larger, hierarchies develop and grow apart from each other. Large gap between rich and poor; top of social structure and bottom Examples: Egyptian Pyramids, Terracotta Army The Archaeological Record The material evidence of human behavior Assumptions: Patterns in the material evidence results from patterns in the behavior that produced that material Patterned behavior results from patterns in thinking and understandings shared by members of a social group Material Evidence Artifacts
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Unformatted text preview: Features Structures and other constructs Modifications of the environment Site Formation Processes Processes that Move artifacts from systemic contexts into archaeological contexts Ex: Volcano eruptions, Alter archeological contexts Transformations Elgin marbles: archeologist destroyed building sculpture and removed from original context to British museum Destruction Highway construction Taliban destroy giant Buddha statue Attempting to change history Archaeological Reconstruction Archaeologists choose to reconstruct a site not necessarily as it was but as it was imagined to be....
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8-26-10 - Features Structures and other constructs...

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