8-31-10 - Middle Paleolithic Mousterian Upper Paleolithic...

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Day 3 Lecture Tuesday, August 31, 2010 3:34 PM Key issues of the Paleolithic Relationship between the development of material cultures and hominid evolution Material culture and definition of "human" Inferring cognitive abilities from material cultures The origins of symbolic behavior The origins of human social behavior Terms to know Hominin Forms Pre-Australopithecines - No tool use Australopithecines - Early tool use Genus Homo - reduction in sexual dimorphism Trends in hominin evolution Bipedality - walking on two legs Dental reductions and megadonty smaller front and larger back teeth Encephalization - brain size Reduced sexual dimorphism - reduced difference between size of male and female Paleolithic Lower Paleolithic Oldowan Acheulian
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Unformatted text preview: Middle Paleolithic Mousterian Upper Paleolithic Curated and expedient tools Curated - tools that are brought with the user Expedient - tools that are left behind after use Base-Camp Symbols and symbolic behavior -Cognition and Tools Formal and informal tools Expedient and curated tools Standardization Production-steps Compound tools Learning Individual situational, social, and cultural learning Emulation and imitation Information transmission Peer-to-peer One-to-one Many-to-one One-to-many Evidence for Symbolic Behavior in the Paleolithic Representative images Mobiliary 'art" Parietal 'art" Abstract images Paints Ornaments Decoration of tools Meaningful practices Mortuary practices...
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8-31-10 - Middle Paleolithic Mousterian Upper Paleolithic...

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