9-14-10 - Curated Technologies Technology with formal tools...

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010 3:33 PM The Early Paleolithic Colonization of the New World Major Developments Acheulean technology Controlled use of fire Dispersal of hominins out of Africa Key Questions What hominid forms first colonized the world outside Africa? Intermediate forms of the genus Homo Homo ergaster Homo erectus How can we understand the early hominin dispersal? Dispersal happened rapidly after the development of intermediate forms Why did early hominins leave Africa? Two perspectives What factors caused hominin range expansion beyond sub-Saharan Africa? Potential Casual Factors Population increase The Saharan "pump" Environmental instability Alternate dry and wet periods Key Terms Acheulian Technology Curated technologies Dispersal and Radiation Acheulean Technology Simple and bifacial tools Curated assemblage Formal tools Symmetrical forms Standardization Acheulean Tools Compared to Oldowan tools Acheulean tools were prefabricated and more sophisticated than Oldowan
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Unformatted text preview: Curated Technologies Technology with formal tools that can be used for extended periods of time and that can be refurbished Contrasts with expedient tools that are used for short periods and then discarded 1.4mya : Evidence of fire use Chesowanja, Kenya Lumps of burned clay in association with stone tools and animal bones Radiation and Dispersal Radiation Several species evolve from common ancestor Each daughter species occupies different ecological niche Dispersal Single species dramatically expands geographic range and ecological niches Potential Facilitating Factors to Dispersal Skeletal adaptations to efficient long distance travel Wetter periods reducing desert areas Stone tool technology Use of fire Protection Cooking Increased intelligence and social behaviors Retention of information beyond "face-to-face" interactions Allow survival in areas of seasonal scarcity by dispersal...
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9-14-10 - Curated Technologies Technology with formal tools...

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