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Golub Dani Golub 30 October 2011 Comm Arts 100 Alyx Vesey Persuasive Speech Rough General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that tenure in the public school systems needs to either be removed or altered. Central Idea: The current tenure system is not fair for new faculty and it harms the education of students. Method of Organization: Problem-Solution Introduction: I. (Gain attention) Last year, at my budget-strapped high school, I had a young, wonderful economics teacher. She happens to be a University of Wisconsin- Madison graduate. I emailed her telling her how excited I was to visit her over Thanksgiving break. I hoped we could share Wisco stories. Unfortunately, she told me that she had recently been laid off. Although she was loved by all of her students, she was gone and I could not see her over break. II. (Reveal topic/Establish credibility) As NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg criticizes, “she was the last one in, so she was the first one out.” This standard for dismissal is way too common for ambitious first-or second-year teachers. They are laid off principally because they lack tenure. Tenure is the reason my teacher was laid off, so since it impacted me directly, I decided to do extensive research on the topic. III. Tenure provides ongoing job security to teachers after only two to five years of experience. According to Kerry Ann O’meara in “Beliefs about Post- Tenure Review” it was originally adopted in the World War I era to protect teachers from arbitrary terminations for reasons unrelated to performance such as race. Tenured teachers can be dismissed only after being given due process and for just cause. According to NBC News education correspondent Rehema Ellis in “States Tangle With Teacher Tenure,” it is extremely costly and time consuming to fire a teacher who has been granted tenure. IV. Tenure indefinitely burdens our public schools with too many ineffective, burnt- out teachers who care more about their paychecks than their students. With such 1
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Golub job security in the current economic conditions, these stale teachers know their paychecks are secured. V. Studies show this negatively affects our education. If we do not replace our outdated tenure system with a new one, it will continue to limit the quality of the education for future generations. VI. Though the national tenure system is plagued with many shortcomings, there are viable solutions to the unjustifiable guarantee of indefinite employment. Visual: For those of you who are still unclear with what exactly tenure is, here is a short
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Golub.PersuasiveSpeechFinal.sec011 - Golub 1 Dani Golub 30...

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