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Golub Dani Golub 5 December 2011 Comm Arts 100 Alyx Vesey Rising Up in a Time of Mourning Imagine the peacefulness of a small, quiet community in the northwestern suburbs of Los Angeles. Day to day, not much happens in my hometown of Agoura Hills, California, certainly nothing exciting. Only 20,000 people live there. About 2,000 teenagers attend the local high school. Every so often there’s a backyard encounter with a coyote or a rattlesnake, which dominates the headlines of the local newspaper. However, this tranquil village was recently rocked by consecutive, horrific, unexplainable teenage deaths. Two weeks ago, within a five-day period, three boys, Josh, Dan, and Griffin, all independently took their own lives in sensational circumstances. Agoura Hills responded to these devastating teenage suicides in a manner that would make the rest of our country proud. The grief was too overwhelming for many, emotions of pain, sorrow, and disbelief filled the air. The city, led primarily by Agoura High School Principal Larry Misel, reacted to the adversity with genuine support, free of any judgment, and reminded us to cherish life. Just as the whole United States bonded after the historic 9/11 attacks, the city of Agoura came together a few weeks ago. In this tightly-knit community, every single resident was somehow affected by at least one of the three deaths. Everyone, young and old, felt the pain, be it as a friend, a relative, or by witnessing those close by suffering from the grief. Despite having few explanations for the series suicides by these young
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Golub men (recklessly jumping into giant boulders off a treacherous 100-foot cliff, roaring off a
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Golub.CommemorativeSpeech.sec011 - Golub Dani Golub 5...

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