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Unformatted text preview: atrina ne K rrica Hu lu Dani Go By: Truehl an b and D Some basic information… Costliest natural disaster ($108 billion) 1 of 5 deadliest hurricanes in U.S. history At least 1,836 people died in the actual hurricane At and in the subsequent floods and There were winds up to 175 mph Category 5 hurricane Hurricane Katrina’s Path Katrina’s Journey Hurricane Katrina developed initially as a tropical Hurricane depression in the southeastern Bahamas on August 23rd. 23rd. This tropical depression strengthened into Tropical This Storm Katrina the next day. Storm It then moved slowly along a northwesterly then It westerly track through the Bahamas, increasing in strength during this time. strength Satellite Image of Katrina Katrina’s Journey Cont. A few hours before landfall in south Florida at around 6.30 few EDT on August 25th, Katrina strengthened to become a category 1 hurricane. category On the morning of Sunday August 28th Katrina On continuinued to strengthen and move northwards towards the gulf coast. the During the next 48 hours, Katrina reached maximum windspeeds 170 mph, making it a category 5 hurricane. windspeeds The Damage… The damage Hurricane Katrina created was astronomical. There were lives lost, injuries, floods, power outages, and There the oil industry suffered. the As we said before, the damage cost over $100 billion. People’s lives are still not the same due to the damage People’s from Hurricane Katrina. from Louisiana Highway Flooded Houses were left in shreds People are still rebuilding today Video of Katrina ! ...
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