study with TAs - How does 14th Amendment have anything to...

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How does 14 th Amendment have anything to do with federalism? Supreme court started applying bill of rights to the states, gateway to apply other rights to states. What is an elector? Members of electoral college which elects the president No congress members can be a member of the electoral college which chooses the president What is the rational choice analysis? When politicians make decisions, what is the purpose behind it. All congress members want to be reelected. You have a reason behind the things that you do, thus you make rational decisions. Cooperative Federalism- the version we got after dual federalism; the dual federalism is like a layer cake, different branches have different responsibilities and they do not interact; the cooperative federalism is like a marble cake, the state and national government work together. What is the Ratched effect? Metaphor used for the increase in power of presidency. Shays rebellion ended the articles of confederation Signing Statements- 1. make a comment about a piece of legislation, president can say what he is thinking about legislation 2. interpretation, president and congress discuss 3. sort of like a judicial review, president says that part of this isn’t constitutional
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study with TAs - How does 14th Amendment have anything to...

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