components of identification

components of identification - ex. Dexter, Tony Soprano,...

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components of identification 05:04 From Tuesday- Identification - visual techniques + storytelling devices + personal  participation “Spectator position” is a theoretical position we occupy to make sense of and  emotionally engage in text “Pregnant Monkey” is a theoretical strategy in which a director puts a fat and sassy  female into a film or television series to increase its viewership. i.e. “Precious” Components of Identification 1. Alignment: gaining info about a character spatial attachment subjective access point of view 2. Allegiance: moral evaluation of a character character actions casting ex. Jack Shepard, “Pilot,”  LOST  (ABC) don’t have to approve 100%, just find them “morally preferable”
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Unformatted text preview: ex. Dexter, Tony Soprano, Alicia Florrick We dont necessarily identify ONLY with the protagonist Actual process is more fulid Multiple simultaneous identification: identifying with several characters at once-We have some power to reject/resist identification ie. Zooey Deschanel Not all media makers WANT seamless identification We want some critical distance (Chappelles Show, Borat) IDENTIFICATION AND IDEOLOGY Doing ideological work Makes certain cultural norms & values feel natural Recreates/reinforces power relations Gender, race, sexuality, class, etc. 05:04 05:04...
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components of identification - ex. Dexter, Tony Soprano,...

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