realism - Documentary look Capturing events/unpredictable...

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realism 05:03 Realism, Really. What is realism? Realism is a set of techniques that media makers can choose to adopt. Realism is not natural; it is something people do Realism is composed of many things, not one single concept/definition Match between what individual assumes and what mediamakers do/create Dramatic look When you are watching a movie and you feel like an omniscient, invisible observer of  the world.  Invisible observer eavesdropping on another world Invisible storytelling (Classic Hollywood Style)
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Unformatted text preview: Documentary look Capturing events/unpredictable occurrences; messy and uncontrolled Visceral pleasure of “being there” Apparent spontanaeity Doesn’t look “too perfect” Shaky camera, motion in frame, “available lighting” Doesn’t sound “too perfect” Background noises, actor improvisation Interpretive frame Audience expectations Previous media experiences Conventions of genre, style (what we’re used to. .) 05:03 05:03...
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realism - Documentary look Capturing events/unpredictable...

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