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ca250 ch 3 words to know - Agenda setting Priming(framing...

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Agenda setting- 24- would put terrorism and acts of terror at the top of everyone agenda Priming- gets people to start thinking about how government officials and leaders take care of terrorism Framing- frame torture in a positive way in that it gets results and does what it is supposed to. P&W Ch. 3 Words to know Mediated Politics Citizenship The public/the masses Attentive vs. inattentive audiences Propaganda Two-step flow Age of broadcast news
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Unformatted text preview: Agenda setting Priming (framing) Fragmentation & targeting of media Lippmann(pessimistic), Lasswell, Dewey(optimistic)=-, Lazasfeld- “the public” Ownership Centralized or decentralized Content Regulation Lowest common denominator – low cultured genres (Reality tv, MMA) that appeal to our base instincts- no class, unsophisticated- Low culture High culture- quality and something you have to think about...
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