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lecture 5 film 46 - 1/16/08 Lecture 5 Film structure-...

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1/16/08 Lecture 5 Film structure- chronological (rear window, is simple leanier, purely cinematic “gazing”, non chronological. Ex of non-chronological: Citizen Kane reporsters travel to consult with 5 different people, different locations to figure out about Kane’s life. In rear window, Jeff keeps track about a lonely songwriter’s life, romantic comedy of newlyweds, drama of Mrs. lonelyheart, murder mystery, and mrs. Torso keeps tempting him. - film contained a range of human stories - unity-> all stories, common theme of “Love” - goal of Jeff- is not to marry Lisa. - Symmetry in narrative- on one side there is Jeff and Lisa, which can move freely, and then on the other is Mrs. Thorwall stuck in bed, and Lars can move freely. - Film is confined spatially./ space basis. Temporal duration- plot, certain stretches “a week ong” Plot can also stretch a long period of time, Kane’s whole Life. Rear Window’s exposition- is purely visual exposition. Beginning- “diegtic Sound Long duration/wideshot - matchstick blind open - fixed position till end of credits. - fluid shot pans across apartments and continues to pivot to reveal Jeff. - Third shot-> temperature. - 4 th shot couple awakening/torso girl then shifts to jeff shot tilts to leg, the nreveals expositional material: broken camera, photojournalist. Car wreck, negative image, then postive image on magazine. fashion content.
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lecture 5 film 46 - 1/16/08 Lecture 5 Film structure-...

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