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12612 Class...

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Skills and Style approach 22:12 What is it? Leader-centered perspective on leadership Shifts from traits (fixed) to skills (learn/develop) Suggests that knowledge and abilities are needed for effectiveness Skills Approach (overview) Studied for years Katz’ article in 1955 “Skills of an Effective Administrator” Early 1990s renewed interest in effectiveness being tied to skills and abilities to solve  complex organizational problems  Katz’s 3 Basic Personal Skills Technical-things Human-people Conceptual-ideas Technical Skill Knowledge about or proficiency in a type of work or activity Competency in a specialized area Analytical ability Ability to use specific tools and techniques  Deals with “things” Human Skill Knowledge about the ability to work with people Being aware of oneself
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Create atmosphere of trust and cooperation Being sensitive to others Being able to motivate others 
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12612 Class...

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